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What We Do

We break the rules, don’t always color in the lines and rethink the obvious to create the extraordinary. Whether developing a new restaurant concept, repositioning an existing operation or creating a beverage program for a group, our team challenges traditional thinking and norms. We will bravely push the boundaries of innovative and creative thinking to deliver the key to your sustainable success.

Our team has done it and lived it from the kitchen hot line to the board room and have the scars to prove it. We understand how difficult it is to build a successful concept or program. We utilize analytical tools concurrently with creative process to achieve the breakthrough results. Our process is in depth, challenges status quo and surpasses the expected to uncover the magic. We will constantly challenge ourselves and your team in our “Just Ask Why” approach to reveal root cause issues and undisclosed  opportunities.

Our Process

Just Ask Why


See-Hear-Observe-Understand-Learn-Go Deep-Discuss-Align







If you are looking for an organization to strip mine a business for short term margin gains, we are not for you. We believe in building forward thinking solutions to provide long term competitive advantage that will bring out the best of your team. We engage your team in a collaborative process of building the road to success and embracing innovation while redefining  the norms that others will follow. We don’t chase trends we create them.

What We Believe

1. OK is not OK
2. Limitless thinking opens endless possibilities
3. Be brave and always challenge status quo
4. Learn everyday
5. Always do your homework
6. Integrity above all else
7. Impossible doesn't exist
8. Be thoughtful, move fast and be honest
9. Value and respect all
10. Have fun and be a bad ass

Independent Operators

LJ Trope & Co is a team of creative problem solvers who bring together real-world operations experience and the knowledge gained from helping clients resolve diverse issues to create a toolbox of solutions to the problems facing operators.

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Our Services

Take a look at our list of services below, and let us know how we can be of assistance to you and your team.

Restaurant and Bar Concept Development

  • Market Research
  • Financial Modeling
  • Concept Positioning and Market Assessment
  • Concept Development
  • Space Planning
  • BOH Space Planning
  • Signature Features
  • Service Strategy
  • Menu Development
  • Beverage Development

Operations Assessments

  • Deep dive existing property for operational execution
  • Financial Review
  • Menu Mix and Cost Analysis, food and beverage
  • Operations
  • Physical Plant Review
  • Social Media Status
  • Marketing Plans
  • Internal Positioning Analysis
  • Competitive Set Analysis
  • Deep dive into culinary operations
  • Deep dive into beverage operations
  • Event Operations analysis and performance

B2B Beverage Programming

  • Assist Suppliers and Operators achieve success in their corporate beverage program development
  • Analyze and develop core programs for groups or brands
  • Maximize program benefits to both operators and suppliers by strategically mapping program to meet needs and optimize results
  • Assist suppliers in customizing their offerings to meet the specific and unmet needs of major operators
  • Beverage menu development for core program or LTO
  • Identify base training needs and develop program
  • Identify strategies to assist with compliance and depletions

Customized Training Programs

  • Restaurant Concept Development
  • Restaurant Marketing Strategies
  • Culinary Development and Technical Skills
  • Beverage Development and Technical Skills
  • Event Operations
  • Senior Level F&B Immersion Training

Beverage Menu Development and Operations

  • Review and assess current operation from financials to service
  • Review social media reputation and concept positioning
  • Review product mix, menu mix and contribution
  • Assess physical space and merchandising
  • Assess menu design and copy
  • Develop new menu offering with recipes, costing and price recommendations
  • Address operational assessment
  • Training and follow up

Menu Development and Operations

  • Review and assess current operation from financials to service
  • Review social media reputation and concept positioning
  • Review product selection, menu mix and contribution
  • Assess physical space
  • Develop new offering with recipes, costing and price recommendations
  • Conduct menu development with culinary team
  • Address operational assessment
  • Training and follow up

Event Operations

  • Review and assess current operation from financials to service
  • Review social media reputation and positioning
  • Review menu mix and contribution and sell strategy
  • Review mix of business and activation patterns
  • Assess physical space
  • Develop new beverage strategy to enhance experience and sales
  • Review culinary program and execution
  • Develop new menu offerings with team
  • Address operational assessment
  • Training and follow up

Existing and New Opening Operations Support

  •  Operational and concept assessment
  • Review capital investment projections
  • Assess physical space
  • Identify critical issues
  • Develop critical path
  • Review and identify training paths
  • Assist in opening and follow up

New Brand Development and Brand Extensions

  • Assess current marketing conditions to identify need area of opportunity
  • Work with team to develop operating model
  • Identify potential offering and sustainable competitive advantage
  • Operationalize offering through concept narrative, design, financial model, guest perception and need as well as unique service and offering
  • Develop training and operational programs
  • Financial modeling
  • Menu development and training
  • Follow up

Who We Are

Lou possesses a deep wealth of knowledge from over 30 years of food and beverage operational and development experience with years of actual hands on success. Lou’s experience ranges from luxury branded and independent lifestyle hotels to select service and extended stay properties in both domestic and international regions, with the development of new brand concepts to operational assessments of existing individual units. He combines his keen sense of operational awareness and innovation with the balance of analytical thinking and results.

Lou’s expertise comes through years of experience as an Executive Chef and Director of Food and Beverage in resorts, convention and urban hotels in Bermuda, London, Maui, Philadelphia and San Diego. After earning his MBA, Lou joined the corporate team of Marriott International Inc. in the role of Global VP of Restaurants and Bars, leading and directing multiple brand extensions and development projects internationally and domestically. From ground up new resort builds to developing global training programs and developing luxury beverage programs Lou’s reach was expansive and deep. He also led Destination Hotels’ Food and Beverage team building ground up programs on financial modeling, concept development, operational success and programming as well as creating industry wide relationships to provide mutually beneficial results.

As the Principal (or President) of LJ Trope & Co. LLC, Lou works with clients to assist them in concept development and assessment, analyzing operational needs and identifying potential opportunities from Restaurant and Bar Operations to Event Operations, Beverage Program Development and Brand Extensions. His team is available to undertake deep dives into operations dives to assess the current situation and identify paths to success.

New Concepts

With LJ Trope & CO, developing a new restaurant concept is a collaborative process that connects your vision with our experience and industry expertise.

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Latest News

Read all about the latest in restaurant development and beverage consulting news. We post it regularly on our website.


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Multi-Unit Operations

Consistent and positive guest experiences are the key to sustainable profitability and the greatest challenge for many multi-unit operators. LJ Trope & Co works with your team to design solutions that are easily executed across multiple locations, always working with your operation’s existing capabilities in mind.

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